White will soon be running against the UIA COM Wrapper which means that White can support and will expose UI patterns for Virtualisation, and also add support for WinRT applications.

Breaking Changes

Unfortunately, this will not be a perfectly clean upgrade. There are many small behavior differences, and some more fundamental changes.

For example, SWA would return a control type of document for a multi-line textbox in Windows forms, in the COM UIA Api the control type that is exposed is edit. But WPF will still have a control type of This means that with the UIA Com wrapper, a multi-line textbox in WPF you would use the MultiLineTextBox control in White, but in WinForms you would just use TextBox. There are a number of different controls which have changed slightly, and I will do my best to document changes below.

Behavior changes

  • Combo-box items no longer are visible to UIA while closed

Control changes

A few controls will change, for these changes, White will throw meaningful exceptions along the lines of

The MultiLineTextBox control is no longer supported in Winforms due to a change in UIA 3.0, please use the TextBox or WinFormTextBox instead.

Conversion list

Windows Forms: - MultiLineTextBox -> TextBox - ListView -> ListBox